Reservation Procedure
1. Select 'Schedule' from the menu bar and check for the availability of the venue before making reservation.
2 Fill up the details as required
3 Transfer 50% of booking fee after receiving bank info.
4 Reservation confirmed.
*If you do not transfer the 50% booking fee within 24hrs, please inform us whether you wish to cancel or confirm the booking.
Reservation Change  & Cancellation
You can not edit once you have completed the reservation sheet if you wish to change the booking details. If you wish cancel the booking 1 month before the actual date of the booking, there will be an additional charge which is 50% of the entire price as cancellation fee.


Studio Numb9r, Wedding Photographer

7th Heaven, Wedding Dress

Myuna Myuna, Make-Up Artist

Seoul Wedding Factory, Event Venue

The Monday Wedding, LiftStyle Photographer